Monday, May 2, 2011

Saving yourself for marriage

Anyone with a strong or strict religious back ground knows when it comes to sex the most that is discussed is to wait until you are married, most of the time. It being the best or most holy thing to do. When I was about sixteen, the peak of my puberty, my desire for sex was at its most intense and it was truly painful to even try to act like I didn’t want to have sex. I had the dilemma of feeling bad for wanting to have sex and feeling or believing that if I had sex I would be committing a great sin so I either had to choose sex or God. All I have to say is that’s a terrible place to be for any age but especially as a teenager at the peak of puberty. Not that anyone is actually doing that, except the very few who are, I just wanted to express how full of SHIT the thought of waiting until you are married is. I think it’s the worst suggestion you could give to a young girl. Why, because for most girls their first time is not the most pleasant experience, you know when your hymen is broken and you bleed. I wouldn’t wish that to be mine or my daughters experience on her honeymoon, and why would anyone? Then there is the inexperience that you would have if you waited until you were married and how horrible it would be to have a partner who is just as inexperienced as you. If you have never given oral sex how well would you do it the first time. How would you come to know what you really like about sex if you’re limited to experiencing one person most of your life. No variety and no way to even know what kind of dick you like, except the one or few that you’ve had. Which I’m pretty sure after so many years that has gotten boring.  Please don’t take this as encouragement to be promiscuous; I don’t think you need to have sex with 100 people to know what you like. I’m just saying can we be realistic so we girls and women don’t have to feel bad for having different partners. It took me a while to stop counting how many people I had sex with or just lying about it. As if there was a limit to how many partners I could have before I got married so I wouldn’t feel like a slut. I’m actually glad to have had the sex partners I’ve had so I can be sure about what I do and don’t like about sex. (before I get married) Each partner had a different kind of dick, physic and way of fucking. So now I’m able to tell a man what I do and don’t want and how would I know if I hadn’t had different experiences with different men.