Friday, February 1, 2013

The Self Hate Of A Woman (I cry)

In my first post of 2013, I come telling the truth about the hate I have for myself as a woman. And the hate I know you have also had as a Women or will have. I have embarked into this year full of change. I have had to let go of all my comfort and wants to strive for more of myself. But before I do this so bravely I am releasing and facing my fears of the Hate I have as a woman. Everyday of my life I have watched and experience the plight we have as women, and we are tired, deranged and sad. So I cry.  No matter our race are plights are the same, we all are self sacrificing human beings; from the blood we shed every muthafucking month, the lives we carry, the birth we give, the compromises me make, all within the setting of a cruel and unloving world. I hate it and I hate being a woman within it. It is so confusing and frustrating loving and hating the life of a woman. I see my children and through them I am able to know unconditional love, but not without the sacrifice of our own lives. Along with that we are faced with the total and utterly betrayal of our Fathers, Brothers, Lovers and Sons. They never knowing how to truly respect and appreciate their Mothers, Daughters, Sisters, and Lovers. Instead they want to control, rape and abandon us at one extreme and on the other extreme they want to be like us acting as if they are more woman than a woman with out every knowing her plight. But thank GOOOODness I have Faith, and I know despite all of this there is a Damn good reason for it all; and I believe it is to know the true Love and Power I am and We are as women. This is what this blog/page is for; for us as women to come to realize and know this Truth together.