Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Reality TV Relationship Review

Since Reality TV supposedly is a depiction of what peoples lives are really like, it is interesting to me how women of all types have the same kinds of problems with men no matter rich or poor they are similar. If you are not a lesbian and are single, dating, or married we all have the pursuit of cohabiting with men in common. I was watching Crissy and Mr Jones show and realized Jim Jones is the perfect depiction of what most Black men are like. And that is highly focused on His(not their) life and what he is and wants to do, I believe this to be a trait of all men not just black men. But as soon as she leaves him he then realizes all her value and is more than willing to give her the attention she has been asking for. While watching this all I could think of is why do we have to leave to get our mans attention about our relationships. I see this as the ultimate male issue for women. They are selfish, self centered, one track minded, and often take the value of the woman completely for granted. Is the solution to leave, does this correct or remove the issue or does it just get him to act right until he gets you back and he is comfortable again. Just look at Nene Leaks and how her man is pursuing her all over again after their divorce. Also Lil Scrappy and Erica along with Emily and Fabs relationship is another good example of this kind of issue. It is so frustrating and disheartening to spend so much of our lives giving to men who is not willing or able to give as much as we do. Why do we as women have to declare our Independence to them to get them to want and appreciate us. I mean Fuck the women in the reality shows have been with these men for years and most  still aren't even married yet and that is what women seem to want the most, just so he can do the same shit while their married. Is there any kind of solution to these kinds of issues, is it to stay single and just engage with men when they are willing and able to give and do what we want. What do you think.

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