Monday, November 15, 2010

Dick taking abilities

So last week I was watching the movie Super Bad. Really funny white boy shit, Had me cracking up the whole movie, but kinda gay. Anyway there was a part when the fat boy was talking about the skinny boys girl he liked. He said she looks like she can take a dick. The skinny boy was offended by him saying that about her then the fat boy said why man some women pride them selves on the ability to take dick.

I never thought about that until I heard him say that. Do women pride them selves on their ability to take dick? Well we know a prostitute might but other than them do you or me. I have to say I think I do; Big smile.  My boy friend who I was watching this movie with happens to have a big dick. And I do like being able to handle his dick. Even though he is really attractive I wasn't that eager to have sex with him. Men who are really attractive always get pussy its very easy for them, so I was trying to make it a little harder for him. Until I saw his dick, then I new we were going to fuck really soon. It was just a question of whether I could handle his dick and how he would work it, and the only way to know was to try it. Again I have to say its been a nice fucking experience, LOL. Its not that I haven't had a big dick before there just all different in shape and size, and it all depends on what you like and what he does.

I can officially say I pride myself on my dick taking abilities and I hope every girl in the world can. Work that pussy! Pussy should be able to accommodate any kind of dick. Its pussy and it births babies, every man loves it even the ones who claim they don't (they come from one and want to have one), and we as women should love it to. We have the power so work it girl.

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