Sunday, November 21, 2010

Anal Sex: Yea or Nay

So what exactly is Anal sex really all about, I mean  how is it that a women ever acquires a liking for it. OK at some point she either considers trying it or is convinced by some one to try it. So what is the thresh hold of when the pain ends and the pleasure begins. Some say its all about releasing resistance and just receiving. But I still think it takes some type of freak to like that shit though. And I mean shit literally. I just can't get over how pain full it is. But being a female and all and considering the fact that the first time any girl has had sex it was probably unpleasant to some degree.

As you might be able to tell I have tried it but didn't go through with it fully, even if I had of I still don't think it would be something I would consider continuously doing, since I assume it would take some practice to get used to and be able to gain pleasure from. While considering and contemplating on yea or nay of anal sex, I asked myself what are the reason for even considering it. And I thought that maybe I might be missing out on a different kind of pleasure I am unaware of until I completely engage in the act. Maybe I could consider doing it for my man if that's what he likes.  Those were the only two reason I could think of considering it for. While contemplating the subject I couldn't help but have a negative out look and attitude about it. Maybe its because its not considered the most descent way to engage in sex, or because its mostly how gay men engage in sex and why would I have to or even want to engage in an act that's not naturally pleasing. I mean its not really about the ass hole Right, its supposed to be about my pussy. Last time I checked the anus is a hole we both have and SHIT out of , that is its functioning purpose. So as far as I'm concerned about engaging in the act for the sake of pleasing my man, Is not It! He might as well go fuck a man in his ass that likes it because I don't think its fair that he wants to fuck me in the ass with his dick (fingers maybe), but if I ask him, if I let him do that will he let me put on a strap and fuck him in the ass too, that's all ways a NOOO; unless. I just figure if a man wanted me to endure that kind of pain for the sake of pleasing him, I think he should be willing to do the same for me. I wouldn't really want him to agree with doing that but I would be able to find out some things about him by his response to it. Some things like; does he have a tendency to be gay, be a selfish lover, or very strait.

Any way, if I every came across a situation when he would be willing to take me up on getting did too, Then........... I think I would try it. Two reasons:  1. I would get to see if I could every end up liking it, finding some pleasure out of it some how or not. 2. I would get to find out if I enjoy taking a mans place and fucking him and seeing and experience how he might feel to be fucked. Kinda something like switching roles.

I am inexperienced in this, and never really thought this hard about the subject. So for those who might of tried or considered trying this. What are your experience and thoughts on it Lady's.

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