Monday, April 18, 2011

Afrodisiac Food.

Food to get your sexual juices flowing; my favorite is fried oysters. Mmm Mmmm absolutely love them. I swear they will have your pussy throbbing saying give me dick pretty pretty please.  I think they even get you an organs much easier and faster. I found it kind of interesting that oysters kind of remind me of a vagina, don’t you think.  Their mushy and gushy with a strong odor (good or bad) and they even have lips. I haven’t tried them raw but steamed or fried WOW. If you can get your man to eat them you’ll have even more fun, both of you might be cumming for days. Really and truly I’m speaking from experience. The last time I had some I had over 8 orgasms and they were different kinds of orgasms. You must know how hard it is to get that many orgasm and they be different kinds in one round of sex, this has only happened about three times in my life. So when and if sex gets boring or dull oysters can add a little get back in your life and leave you wondering what happened and where did all that super charged sexual appetite come from or go.

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